Young lawyers Group

Young Lawyers Group


CONSULEGIS member firms have plenty of talented lawyers who speak several languages, possess significant experience in foreign countries and have in-depth local knowledge where they live and work.

Considering the young lawyers as our next generation, commands us to support our very own Young Lawyers Group. We do so by fostering the informal exchange of young lawyers amongst member firms all over the world.

Connecting these young lawyers is an efficient way of achieving some of CONSULEGIS’ main objectives: to increase referrals and develop relationships between members, to develop a friendly environment for networking and improve the profile of the organization.

Who is a Young Lawyer and fits the membership criteria:
1. Is your law firm a CONSULEGIS member firm?
2. Are you under 40?
3. Are you NOT a partner in your firm?
4. Are you enthusiastic and passionate?

Are you interested in joining the Young Lawyers Group, please send an Email to

Sowing seeds today helps to prepare the CONSULEGIS of tomorrow.

Members of the Young Lawyers Group

Young Lawyers Group - Spring Conference 2014

Young Lawyers Group - Spring Conference 2014

Are you a CONSULEGIS member firm and interested in joining the young lawyers?