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Specialist group - IP, Entertainment & IT

The “IP Specialist Group” is the acronym for the ‘CONSULEGIS Intellectual Property, Entertainment Law and Information Technology Specialist Group’. The group is well established and has been known for an active and dynamic group. It comprises CONSULEGIS members, specializing in the fields of the title. Each member provides professional services in their specific country, and collectively can provide a unique, international team approach to the solving of multi territory issues. The comprehensive list of services available, range from litigation and contract negotiations to the protection of intellectual property rights and strategic planning.

The current team discuss current and upcoming issues on a monthly basis and encourage all to not only participate in the Group Meetings during the Conferences, but also in:

-       Group Telephone Calls (once or twice a year)

-       The Groups Newsletter (biannually edited)

-       The IP Book (an update is currently planned)

-       The IP Survey (a list of specialisations of the group members)

-       The News Sharing Group (exchange of international news for the homepage)

-       Webinars

-       Etc.

The IP field is often considered as “exotic”, and for businesses has become a topic difficult to avoid. This group is a very great platform to extent your own and your client’s focus beyond the local domestic market.

Who is who: Specialist group - IP, Entertainment & IT

Chair: Schultheis Denis

Name: Schultheis Denis

Firm: UP12 Rechtsanwälte

Position: Chair

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Vice chair: Jenkins Gareth

Name: Jenkins Gareth

Firm: Wynne-Jones, Lainé & James LLP

Position: Vice chair

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Secretary: Schlesinger Susan

Name: Schlesinger Susan

Firm: Meister Seelig & Fein LLP

Position: Secretary

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