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Specialist group - International LITIGATION & ARBITRATION

As the importance of cross-border litigation and arbitration is rapidly increasing, there is a growing number of cases which require the involvement of two or more legal teams from different jurisdictions.

Therefore, the International Litigation and Arbitration Specialist Group (ILASP) aims to enhance the exchange of professional expertise and experience between international experts in the field of litigation and arbitration. It is intended to offer a forum for discussions about hot topics and current problems in order to create value for its members and their respective clients. The ILASP is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen the personal network because the direct contact among lawyers from different jurisdictions facilitates cooperation and communication a lot. The direct contact and exchange also helps to identify the lawyer, which due to his specific experience, is the best choice to meet the client’s needs.

The International Litigation & Arbitration Specialist Group maintains a detailed listing by Country of CONSULEGIS Firms and their litigation and arbitration practice areas.  The listing includes more than 30 different practice areas.  Lawyers of CONSULEGIS Member Firms may obtain a copy of the survey results by emailing

Who is who: Specialist group - International LITIGATION & ARBITRATION

Co-chair: Daar Jeffery J.

Name: Daar Jeffery J.

Firm: Daar & Newman

Position: Co-chair

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Secretary: Nishihara Kazuhiko

Name: Nishihara Kazuhiko

Firm: Honmachi International Law Office, P.C.

Position: Secretary

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