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Autumn Conference 2013

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The Law Offices of RGW Rocławski Graczyk i Wspólnicy Adwokacka Sp. k. has the honour of inviting you to the CONSULEGIS Autumn Conference 2013, which will be held in our hometown of Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw, which has been the capital city of Poland for more than four centuries, is also the largest city in Poland. It is the national centre of business, political and cultural events. The symbol of the city is the Siren (mermaid) that can be seen on Warsaw’s coat of arms. Warsaw is a vibrant metropolis and a city with unique history. It is a city where the green belt covers ¼ of its total area, with many scenic and spacious parks.

We are confident that Warsaw will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on our guests. Historic palaces and churches lie next to modern office buildings and skyscrapers, and sheltered cafes and trendy clubs resound with music.

We have worked to provide you with a wide variety of venues and excursions – those that are unconventional as well as traditional, during which we will introduce you to a Warsaw that is full of beautiful sidestreets, magic parks and gardens. We will follow the romantic paths of Frederic Chopin’s music, who, for the first half of his 39 years called Warsaw his. Here he was brought up and educated and here his heart found its final resting place in Holy Cross Church.

Our gala dinner will be an unforgettable celebration in the ballroom of the Polonia Palace Hotel. This ballroom is unique in that it is the only hotel ballroom in Warsaw  to have survived the Second World War-in fact, although the rest of the hotel was destroyed, the hotel was rebuilt around the ballroom, leaving this historic venue intact.

We are sure that our Autumn Conference will be an opportunity for you to experience the unique atmosphere of Warsaw, a city of both triumphs and tragedies, and one which is the centre of the most vibrant and growing economies in Europe. The Law Offices of RGW and Associates is therefore honoured to be your host for the upcoming CONSULEGIS 2013 Autumn Conference in Warsaw, Poland.

The Law Office RGW Rocławski Graczyk i Wspólnicy Adwokacka Sp. k.

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