We are proud to inform you that the CONSULEGIS Web App is ready for free download at the iTunes Store (for iPhone/iPad) and at GooglePlay (for Android). In parallel, we are already working on the version for Blackberry.

The main aim of this App is to replace the printed version of the Directory of Members. With the new online version, you will always have the latest update of the contact and firm details of all the member firms. The content of the App is based on the information available at the CONSULEGIS website.

How to use the App?
1. On the "firms" view, you can filter by entering a search term above and hitting the search button on the right side of the input field or activating the checkbox "only my favorites". The same applies to the contacts view.

2. The "region" view enables a search for firms and contacts by regions starting from the continents, to countries and regions.

3. The options view contains links to advanced search and CONSULEGIS head office contact information.

4. The "advanced search" is a more comprehensive search, where you can enter any search term to see firms and contacts with an attribute that matches your input. The simple search on firms and contacts views only searches for results with names matching the entered string, but the advanced search also compares the input with the telephone number, city, address, email, areas or practice and etc.

5. User can manage their own favorites list. Firms and contacts can be added to list of favorites by clicking on the STAR sign at the upper right area on the profile pages. When a firm or contact is already on the users favorites list, the add icon is replaced by a remove icon and the firm or contact is displayed everywhere on the app hencefort with a star sign beside it. When the add or remove icon is clicked, the user is prompted to confirm the step, before the action is carried out.

We are already working on further improvements for our App and you can look forward to the next update – with the next updated version you will find a “button” within the App, with which you can generate an Email with the profile data and the link of the website, for easy directly online onward transmission. We would be delighted to receive any feedback, ideas for improvement or just a comment on the new tool.

To keep the data of the App – and also of the Website – up-to-date, we need your support and content. So, if there are any changes concerning your address, firm profile, person profile, picture, etc. – just let us know and send as an email to ( . We are looking forward to your messages.

Finally, we want to inform you, that we are almost ready to launch the new CONSULEGIS website. We will let you know in a separate News Flash when we are ready to go live.

Best regards
Anke Brauns