Through a series of improvements to our newsletter publishing process throughout the last year we are proud to announce that CONSULEGIS now features a variety of different Newsletters:

– Regular CONSULEGIS Newsletter
– Special Edition CONSULEGIS Newsletter
– CONSULEGIS Specialist Group Newsletters: Each Specialist Group publishes 2 newsletters per year.
– The CONSULEGIS Annual Report

Each newsletter has unique content comprised of specific CONSULEGIS information and conferences, legal reports from our members as well as a Calender with all upcoming events. We here at the CONSULEGIS office endeavour to constantly improve our newsletters and content to bring you the most relevant Information regarding everyhing CONSULEGIS.

In case you wish to contribute to one of our newsletters or wish to publish your article under the ‘Legal News’ section please send an Email to with your article as well as your contact information.

Please take some time to look over the newsletters published so far which you can see in the side menu of this page.

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