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  • CONSULEGIS Handbook - 2012 International Corporate Structures

    CONSULEGIS Handbook - 2012 International Corporate Structures

    Executive Editor: Marlies Hoecherl
    Associate Editors: Julian Cockain-Barère and Jeffery J. Daar

    The idea behind the new CONSULEGIS Handbook was to provide a basic and practical guide for business people who are interested in setting up a business or a company in another jurisdiction. After several years of hard work and the input of 39 contributing firms we are please that we finally completed a Handbook which covers corporate structures of 36 jurisdictions.

    The new Handbook followed the format of the previous CONSULEGIS Handbook in providing the reader with a chapter on each jurisdicition, following a consistent format, preceded by a general chapter on international corporate law. We would like to thank all contributing authors and member firms for their input, especially to Marlies Hoecherl , the Executive Editor, and to the associate editors Julian Cockain-Barère (Morivilliers Sentenac Avocats, Toulouse) who share the gigantic task of editing the individual chapters with Marlies Hoecherl, and Jeffery J. Daar , who shared his experience of editing the first CONSULEGIS Handbook and whose guidance was invaluable for the pratical aspects of getting this project over the finishing line.

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    International corprate structures:

    CONSULEGIS Handbook - 2008 International Intellectual Property Law Basics

    CONSULEGIS Handbook - 2008 International Intellectual Property Law Basics

    Executive Editor: Jeffery J. Daar
    Associate Editors: Christine De Keersmaeker, Winnibald E. Moojen

    International Intellectual Property Law Basics, a Consulegis Handbook, provides a country by country look at copyright, trademark and patent law around the world. The basic intellectual property law for more than thirty countries and the European Union are covered. International Intellectual Property Law Basics is an easy to understand must-have resource in today’s global world. 

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