RGW Roclawski Graczyk i Wspolnicy Adwokacka Spolka jawna

RGW is a leading law office active on the market of legal services rendered to average-sized and big companies. Thanks to the cooperation with international firms and associated law offices, we are in a position to manage affairs of our Clients throughout the world. We are recognized not only for professionalism, reliability and commitment to our work but also respect for professional ethics and transparency in dealings with our Clients. Following the requirements of the relevant legal regulations in force and taking care that our Clients are provided with full legal protection, we give our particular attention to maintaining absolute confidentiality. The Law Office RGW is specializing in transactions of the project finance type, acquisition of companies, trading in stock and shares as well as mergers and demergers of business entities. We provide advice on preparation for a transaction, conduct negotiating processes and have long-standing experience in matters involving current business practices and the conduct of day-to-day business. As part of our professional practice, we advise, among others, companies in the chemical, modern industrial structures, logistics, energy trade and media as well as Clients operating in the consumer goods sectors and clients that have needs in the area of environmental law. Since 2007, the Law Office RGW has been steadily building a stable and recognizable brand in the legal consultancy services market. RGW has been successful in expanding its circle of clients by including entities which, apart from traditional corporate consultancy, can benefit from legal consultancy in criminal commercial proceedings. RGW is able to provide comprehensive legal advice thanks to our implemented policy of cooperation between our civil and commercial departments which, by complementing each other, can develop a consistent programme to serve our corporate clients. At the disposal of the Clients of RGW, there are advocates, legal advisors as well as a German Advocate and lawyers. Our Law Office cooperates with lawyers, legal trainees and other consultants with long-standing experience specializing in both large scale projects and solving day-to day problems of our Clients taking into consideration a special nature of a given trade. We provide our Clients with professional legal service to the highest world-standard.


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Areas of practice

  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Competition Law
  • Contractual & Commercial Law
  • Company & Corporate Law (incl. M&A)
  • Criminal Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Trade & Anti-Trust Law
  • Labour & Employment Law


ul. Wspólna 35/11
00-519 Warsaw
Tel.: +48 22 883 62 50
Fax: +84 658 45 82
E-mail: biuro@rgw.com.pl
Website: http://www.rgw.com.pl

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