Dr. Frühbeck Abogados, S.L.P. – La Habana

Dr. Frühbeck Consultants S.A. was founded in Havana in 1998 as a subsidiary office of Dr. Frühbeck, Abogados y Economistas y Cía. S.C. and with the main purpose to support and give the legal and tax advisory service to our clients interested in the Cuban market with a personal assistance on Cuba. With this concept we offer not only legal and tax consulting and advisory service in different languages but also a general consulting service in the following areas: Industrial property, trademarks and patents, Investment feasibility studies, Consultancy and advice on feasibility of executing projects concerning specific Cuban and international legal and tax issues, Advising and assisting in negotiations with the Cuban government as well as with Cuban Companies and enterprises, Processing applications for the necessary permits and licenses with the local authorities, Advising on the existing advantages and possibilities in the free trade zone, Creation of Companies and overseas branches and execution of economic co-operation contracts, Right of Foreigners. All aspects of Government requirements for obtaining permits and licenses.


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Areas of practice

  • Banking & Finance Law
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency
  • Contractual & Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Dispute Resolution & Litigation
  • International Law
  • Real Estate
  • Securities & Investments
  • Tax Law
  • Wills Probates & Estates

Branch offices


Bufete International
La Habana
Tel.: +34 91 700 43 50, +53 526 30734
E-mail: fruhbeckhab@enet.cu
Website: http://www.fruhbeck.com