Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC Law Offices

Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC operates in Nicosia Cyprus from Dadlaw House and is one of the leading Firms of Cyprus operates exclusively in Central and Eastern Europe on Tax Planning, Structures and advising on the Tax Optimalization through Cyprus.

Demetrios A. Demetriades set up the legal practice since 1966 and he is an expert in Tax Optimalization, Structures through Cyprus, Company Law, Trusts and the incorporation of the Cyprus Companies, the creation of Trusts and the provisions of Legal Opinions on any Cyprus matters.

Demetrios A. Demetriades represents large clients from Central and Eastern Europe such as Oil Companies, Real Estate, Investments, etc. who use Cyprus Companies and Trusts for tax purposes and to protect their wealth, and we register, manage, administrate Cyprus Companies and Trusts, and companies of other foreign jurisdictions, the preparation of Shareholders Agreements, Pledge of Shares, Charges on the property of companies, etc.

We have developed our practice in Central and Eastern Europe by making presentations, seminars on Tax Optimalization Structures and by meeting clients personally on a weekly basis in Poland, and we pay regular visits to Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, Zurich, Yerevan (Armenia).

My partner (Mrs.) Harris D. Demetriades is managing internally the Firm and she is in charge of the performance of all mandates registrations of Charges, preparation and review of Agreements, issuance of Legal Opinions after reviewing documents, Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Memorandums and Articles of Association of Companies, bank accounts opening in Cyprus and abroad giving full services to all International Inventors choosing Cyprus.


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Areas of practice

  • Corporate Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Licensing Contracts
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Patents
  • Private Foundation & Trust
  • Tax Law (national and international)
  • Trusts (On & Off-Shore)
  • Wills Probates & Estates


Thasos Street 3
Dad Law House
1087 Nicosia
P.O. Box 22360
Tel.: +357 227 6930
Fax: +357 22 769004