Central Chambers Law Corporation

Central Chambers was established in 2002 by a small number of legal practitioners unified by a belief in furthering the tradition of a noble profession and building an institution around it. That belief was perpetuated with each joining legal practitioner bringing on board wide-ranging expertise and experience. The Statutory Boards, government agencies, corporations and organisations of different sizes and profiles provided the foundation upon which Central Chambers was built. Their legal issues, problems and challenges were the building blocks over the years. With each Court session, each contract created and each corporate legal solution formulated, the guiding principle of performance with excellence and integrity became sacrosanct. Whether it be legal expertise to multinational companies, government agencies, families or individuals, that guiding principle must always be paramount.

At Central Chambers, legal expertise has over the years been dispensed with the professional integrity expected of the Legal Profession Act in Singapore and together with the qualities widely associated with the profession. The more than thirty personnel comprising Lawyers, Legal Managers and support staff are constantly reminded of that guiding principle to deliver legal expertise with excellence and integrity.

We have completed our first 10 years in 2012 and look forward to developing the Practice further in as many ways possible.

The founding philosophy of Central Chambers as originally charted by the founding practitioners had been full legal expertise. This philosophy has been upheld and the different areas of the law and practice that have spawned with time are set out in the pages that follow.



Areas of practice

  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contractual & Commercial Law
  • Company & Corporate Law (incl. M&A)
  • Dispute Resolution & Litigation
  • Family Law
  • Labour & Employment Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Procurement Law
  • Real Estate
  • Securities & Investments


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E-mail: ronnie_tan@centralchambers.com.sg
Website: http://www.centralchambers.com.sg