Bratschi AG – Lausanne

Competence and efficiency at work.
Prudence in cooperation.

Bratschi AG is a leading law firm with a business law orientation. At our offices in Switzerland’s business centres, we offer Swiss and foreign clients continuous or occasional legal counselling in all areas of business law, but also in tax and public law.

Expertise in: Demanding legal issues require lawyers to apply specific expert knowledge. Our lawyers’ specialisation ensures that cases are tackled in a solution-oriented manner and completed with efficiency. What is equally important for Bratschi AG is interdisciplinary work in a team. Since many problems concern different areas of law, thinking and working in networks clearly results in added value for our clients.

Assistance tailored to your needs: Bratschi AG sets great store by providing clients with personal assistance.
This is the foundation for cooperation based on trust and crowned with long-term success. With us, you have your personal contact who is available to you at any time. Your contact is also responsible for the coordination of specific legal teams, as well as for compliance with regard to costs, deadlines and any other arrangements in the context of your mandates.


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Areas of practice

  • Admiralty & Maritime Law
  • Int. Contract & Commercial Law
  • International Trade & Anti-Trust Law
  • Labour & Employment Law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Tax Law (national and international)
  • Trade Law
  • Transportation / Traffic
  • Yacht & Aircraft Financing

Branch offices


Avenue Mon-Repos 14
1002 Lausanne
P.O. Box 5507
Tel.: +41 58 258 1700