Meeting of the Consulegis Regional Group Europe 2012 – Mölln (Hamburg/Germany)

European Regional Conference 2012 - Mölln/Germany. Friday, 10 February, 2012-Saturday, 11 February, 2012

Upon invitation by Consulegis member firms Brödermann & Jahn (Hamburg, Germany), Capital Law LLP(Cardiff/London, United Kingdom), Izzi Toniatti Pini Perron-Cabus Ziliani (Milan, Italy), and Morvilliers Sentenac Avocats (Toulouse, France) the Consulegis Regional Group Europe met on February 10 and 11, 2012 in Mölln a small village, outside of Hamburg in Germany.


The meeting was attended by 25 persons coming from 16 cities in 10 European countries.

Andreas Nicklisch, Professor at the  Faculty of Economics of Hamburg University gave a key note speech on “Behavioral Effects of Transaction (“Tobin”) Taxation” which, apart from being a new tax, will in his opinion not produce the desired steering effects.  The presentation led to a vivid discussion.
Participants discussed comparative and European legal questions of key concern to internationally active clients based on the following summary presentations:

  • the different approach to limitation of liability in Germany and the United Kingdom:
  • on private international law in the Rome II-Regulation:
    • Dr. Stephanie Mehrens, Milan, Italy: “Jurisdiction and determination of applicable law in case of pre-contractual responsibility” (;
  • on a risk of double-prosecution in France in case of insider-trading:
    • Julian Cockain Barère / Suzanne Salerno, Toulouse, France: Insider Trading Proceedings, Can the magistrate (juge d’instruction) continue investigations when the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) has already prosecuted and acquitted? Ne bis in idem?” ( or )
  • on freedom of service in the area of broadcasting:
    • Marinus Vromans, Brussels, Belgium: “Judgement by the European Court of Justice of 4 October 2011 on joined cases C-403/08 (Football Association Premier League Ltd. a.o. against Leisure e.a.) and C-429/08 ( Karen Murphy against Media Protection Services Ltd.)”( )
  • on an aspect of European insurance law:


  • on the draft (optional) European Sales Law:
    • Marinus Vromans, Brussels, Belgium: “The Dutch Collective Settlement Act and Private International Law or Draft Regulation on European Sales Law” ( )
  • on corporate social responsibility:
    • Julian Cockain Barère, Toulouse, France: “Corporate Foundations in France and Social Responsibility”(
  • on publicly traded bonds:
    • Dr. Ingo Meyer, Munich, Germany: “How to avoid shortage of credits: Publicly Traded Bonds in Germany For Small and Medium Sized Companies
      An Overview”( );
  • on copying of products and unfair competition:
    • Denis Schultheis, Hanau, Germany: “Usefulness of the German Codified ‘Supplementary Protection of Industrial Property under Competition Law’ Explained on Basis of a Current Case”(;
  • on letter of credit law:
    • Mag. André Zankl, Vienna, Austria: “Haftung der (Zahlstellen)Bank bei Akkreditivgeschäften (an Hand eines aktuellen Verfahrens)“ ( .

Consulegis Managing Director Dr. Roland Ermini, Zürich, Switzerland, presented Anke Brauns, the designated new managing director ( With Anke Brauns assignment the Consulegis office will move from Zürich to Munich in May 2012.

All conference attendees left conference with new ideas which will enhance their future work in the interest of their clients around the globe.