European Regional Conference 2013 – Mölln (Hamburg/Germany)

European Regional Conference 2013 - Mölln/Germany. Friday, 15 February, 2013-Saturday, 16 February, 2013

Hot Legal Topics in Europe.


As in the last years, the CONSULEGIS member firms Brödermann & Jahn (Hamburg, Germany), Capital Law LLP (Cardiff/London, United Kingdom), Izzi Toniatti Pini Perron-Cabus Zilliani (Milan, Italy) and Morvilliers Sentenac Avocats (Toulouse, France) invited the CONSULEGIS members, to join the yearly European Regional Group in Mölln, Germany.The Regional Group Meeting took place on February 15th and 16th 2013 at the Hotel “Waldhof auf Herrenland” in the wonderful landscape of northern Germany. The meeting was visited by 18 Law Specialists from 11 cities in 6 different European countries.

We were proud to present Mrs Pippa Blakemore from London, UK – a worldwide well-respected advisor in marketing and leadership for lawyers – as a guest-speaker for the meeting. Mrs Blakemore has advised law firms on more than 90 winning pitches since 1985 and she coached more than 6.000 lawyers in all practice areas and in all sizes of law firms. Pippa Blakemore is also a yearly speaker at the International BAR Association Conference.

For the CONSULEGIS European Regional Conference, Mrs Blakemore prepared a highly motivating speech with the title “Win international clients: Build reciprocal relationships”.

Beside this, Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann, offered the key note with speaking about “International risk management”.

Goal of the meeting was to bring personal experience in form of short speeches or presentations.

The discussed themes were:

Dr. Christopher Mensching, Brödermann Jahn in Hamburg (Germany):
“An example for Broedermann Jahn`s corssborder litigation practice: a complicated cross-border case at the interface between litigation and arbitration class.”

Inga Mecke, Amsterdam & Partners LLP in London (UK):
“Litigation Funding – Blessing or Curse?”

Denis Schulteis from UP12 in Hanau (Germany):
Law for commercial representatives (claim for compensation) Germany – France”

Dr. Florian Schell from Dr. Schleifenbaum & Adler in Siegen (Germany):
“Pathological arbitration clause”

Karel Schweiss from Mariacher Rechtsanwälte in Munich (Germany):
“Intended limitation of interest deduction for German LBO structures”

Marlies Höcherl from Capital Law LLP in Cardiff (UK):
“Middle class bonds at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange”

Marinus Vromans from Vanden Eynde Legal in Brussels (Belgium):
“Distribution law in Belgium”

Dr. Stefanie Mehrens from Izzi in Milan (Italy) spoke about:
“The new rules in Italy in pre-Insolvancy and dept restructuring agreements”

Denis Schultheis from UP12 in Hanau (Germany) reported part II of:
“The famous lawn chair case (France, England, Germany)”