Autumn Conference 2010

Autumn Conference 2010 - Buenos Aires. Thursday, 21 October, 2010-Sunday, 24 October, 2010

Hosted by Estudio Chehtman and Brons & Salas Abogados members and guests joined in Buenos Aires/Argentina for the annual Autumn Conference 2010. It was the first time that Consulegis organized such a meeting in South America, and it was the second such conference in America Latina (after Mexico in 2010).

Buenos Aires is one of the biggest Latin American cities). It is the capital and economic center of Argentina, and combines the best of classical Europe with South American friendliness and hospitality. It offers an unique blend of Italian, Spanish, and German culture. Visitors where overwhelmed by it‘s beautiful sights, elegant shopping areas, excellent art, but also by it’s staggering size (13 million inhabitants!).

Lead topic of this conference was „Doing Business in Emerging Markets“, Latin America and Asia being in the focus of Consulegis‘ endeavour to spread out it‘s business activities from the traditional markets in Europe and North America.

An important step was the revival of the Regional Subgroup CALC (Consulegis America Latina Chapter) and the founding of the Regional Subgroup Asia. Upon the invitation of Fernando Hernandez (Mexico) and Pedro Pais de Almeida (Portugal) some 30 persons attended the first CALC Business Generation Forum on Wednesday 20th October 2010 in Buenos Aires.  This Forum was an excellent introduction  to the Consulegis Autumn Conference which started the following day.

The Regional Subgroup Asia was founded some 4 weeks earlier in Singapore (24th September 2010), leading to an interesting project sponsored by the Economic Developement (Board of Singapore. During the conference Ronnie Tan (Singapore) reported on the outcome of this meeting and explained in more details the project in question.

On Thursday 21st October 2010 meetings were held by the Marketing Steering Group, the Young Lawyers Group (Young Lawyers Initiative) and by the Advisory Board. For details please see their individual communications.

The Consulegis Plenary Session on Friday 22nd October was attended by some 70 persons. Ambassador Nestor Edgardo Stancanelli, director of public affairs in the Foreign Office of Argentina gave a comprehensive overview on the Economic situation in Argentina and in the « Mercosur countries ». Second key-note speaker was Alejandro Chehtman, son of host Dr. Eduardo Chehtman, who presented a widely acknowledged  summary on the question of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and the Anti-Trust Law.

Reports, by Fernando Hernández (Mexico) on the meeting of the Consulegis America Latina Chapter (CALC), on the chances of « Doing Business in Asia » by Ronnie Tan (Singapore), on « Australia and its Economy » by Hamish Rotstein (Australia), by Elin Pinnell on the « Young Lawyers Initiative », and by Jeffery Daar on the use of « Social networks (Facebook etc.)

imparted a wealth of professional imformation and are prove of the importance of Consulegis as a useful source for business generation matters to the members.

Our Specialist Groups assembled on Saturday morning.

Besides the exchange of professional information Consulegis conferences help members to socialise and to meet old and new friends and to discuss matters of mutual interest.  Keeping this in mind our hosts organized an attractive social program including restaurants of special interest, a much applauded Tango night on Friday evening, and on Saturday night a very elegant Gala Dinner in the Alvear hotel, one of the best hotels in South America

We are happy to report that this conference was another highlight in the history of successful Consulegis conferences.

We thank Dr. Eduardo Chehtman from Estudio Chehtman and Eduardo Represas from Brons & Salas for this wonderful event.