Autumn Conference 2007

Autumn Conference 2007 - Guadalajara. Friday, 19 October, 2007-Sunday, 21 October, 2007

Guadalajara! Location of the Consulegis Autumn Conference 2007.  A city of 1.6 million inhabitants, a colorful past, magnificent architecture in the city center, and today one of the most important industrial center in Mexico.

Guadalajara – the name alone conjures up warm hospitality, a pleasant climate, sun, good food, mariachi, and tequila.  Conference participants were able to experience this city precisely in this sequence. Our hosts, two local law firms – Hernández Barbosa & Huerga, Abogados as well as   Mayorquín, Rodríguez y Castillo, S.C., Abogados – left us speechless with their kind hospitality and presented us an unforgettable experience.      

Admittedly somewhat fewer European guests than usual attended the conference due to the long trip. Yet correspondingly more members came from North and South America.  A total of 89 members journeyed to Mexico. It delighted us that – depending on the event – up to 45 local participants from the hosting law firms were present.

The conference program reflected the issues and tasks facing the Advisory Board when newly elected in spring 2007. The most crucial topics were adaptation of the 2004 Consulegis strategy, final renovation of the Consulegis website after a good year’s work on the project, as well as cultivation and expansion of the Consulegis network. The new Board laid great emphasis on maintenance of quality criteria and rules governing good collaboration among members.

As normal at these conferences, specialist groups also met. These groups included: Aerospace (coordinator: Andrew Hamilton); „Business Generation“ (coordinator: Michael  Newman); „Corporate  and Tax Group“ (coordinator: Winnibald Moojen); Intellectual Property, Entertainment, and IT (coordinator: Jeffery Daar), as well as „International Litigation and Arbitration“ (coordinator: Gerardo Huerga).  Very noteworthy is the fact that the reference work compiled by the Intellectual Property, Entertainment, and IT group („International Intellectual Property Law Basis - A Consulegis Handbook“) can be printed soon and distributed worldwide.  At this point we wish to thank Jeffery Daar and all who worked with him on this book for their monumental achievement.

It is now the third time that we conferred the Dr. Thomas Marx Award. Five participants submitted their work.  The winner of this year as determined by the Award Committee was Dr. Imre Nagy from Hungary (the law firm of Balázs and Holló, Budapest) with his study: „Conformity of Goods under the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods“. We congratulate Dr. Nagy warmly on this major achievement and thank the other contestants for their interesting articles and participation. Dr. Nagy gave the assembled plenary session a brief summary of the work he had presented. (You can find further information on the Dr. Thomas Marx Award at Thomas Marx Award.)

The conference’s climax was the guest address by Lic. Jorge Amigo Castañeda, the head for many years of the Mexican Patent Office, who gave an interesting and very lively presentation on development of patent protection in Mexico from the turn of the 19th century to the 20th century.

Prior to the Consulegis conference, the Advisory Board, the Marketing Steering Group, and the regional committee „Consulegis America Latina Chapter (CALC)“ all held meetings.

As for the side events, the hosts offered a truly breathtaking program.

It began with the „welcoming reception“ on Thursday evening in the wonderfully equipped „Las Lomas Country Club“ with tequila and margaritas à gogo and an upbeat mariachi band, followed by a „Fiesta Mexicana“ in Tequila (Yes, there’s a small town with this name!) on Friday afternoon and evening at which enthusiastic participants were shown how tequila is cultivated and brewed (namely from the blue agave). A pleasingly presented riding and lasso show followed, and finally conferees met for dinner in a festival tent. A luxurious buffet with every type of drink imaginable, mind-blowing music, dancing until you dropped, and finally Mexican fireworks….; at least it was notably quiet on the reporter’s bus back to the hotel!

On Saturday one group visited the art colony at Tlaquepaque, a second group toured the old town of Guadalajara, and a third and smaller group played golf.

The closing evening on Saturday involved folklore presentations in the venerable building of the former orphanage „Hospicio Cabañas“.

We offer our most sincere appreciation to both host firms for this beautiful and appealing conference.  Special thanks go to our two colleagues Fernando Hernández Gómez and Luis Felipe Mayorquin as well as their coworkers.