Oscar A. Mersán

Name: Oscar A. Mersán

Firm: Mersan Abogados

Tel.: +595 21 447 739
Fax: +595 21 496 038
E-mail: oscar@mersanlaw.com
Website: http://www.mersanlaw.com


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Oscar A. Mersán is a corporate attorney and an expert in international transactions.

Oscar is an Associate Member of The Bomchil Group (www.bomchilgroup.com), one of the largest and most prestigious Latin American networks of Law Firms, and he is an Associate Member of CONSULEGIS (www.consulegis.com) (Zurich), an outstanding European Network of law and accounting firms. Oscar also participates as a member of the International Lawyers’ Network (New York) and the European Attorneys Association (Spain).

Having graduated as an attorney-at-Law in 1969, Oscar entered the graduate program at the Southwestern Legal Foundation Academy of American and International Law, at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and later, the International Bar Association’s International Practice Diploma Program, earning an International Practice Diploma in International Joint Ventures. He also spent 14 years working as a professor of tax law at the School of Accounting at the National University of Asunción and has gained an eminent reputation in the area of corporate law, with a special focus on international business transactions.

Oscar is currently: General Counsel to the United Nations’ Development Program in Paraguay; a trust attorney for the Swiss Embassy; a consultant to the IFC, the IIC and the World Bank and; legal counsel to several well-known multinational corporations, Co-founder and Honorary Member and General Counsel of the Soybean Exporters and Merchants Association (CAPECO); as well as co-founder and General Counsel of the Institute of Agricultural Biochtecnology- INBIO. He is a member of; Inter Alia, the International Bar Association; the American Bar Association; the Paraguayan Bar Association; the Inter-American Association of Industrial Property and the Inter-American Federation of Lawyers.

In addition, he is the co-founder and currently Chairman of the Solidarity Foundation, a charitable organization that helps disabled people.