Jeffery J. Daar

Name: Jeffery J. Daar

Firm: Daar & Newman

Tel.: +1 213 892 0999
Fax: +1 818 615 1066


Jeffery Daar has practiced law since 1982 and is a principal of the law firm of Daar & Newman. Jeffery takes a holistic approach to clients’ legal and business issues. His diverse expertise includes strategic planning, complex state and federal litigation, innovative dispute resolution, and international transactions and disputes. Jeffery assists clients in finding real solutions to problems by implementing both short-term and long-term strategies. Jeffery's practice focuses on both litigation and transactional projects.

Jeffery's extensive litigation background gives him added insight to structuring transactions for clients along with his entrepreneurial approach to problem solving and dispute resolution. Jeffery is known for his extensive background in a number of practice areas, including but not limited to cross-border litigation, arbitration and transactions, class actions, insurance including insurance insolvency, products liability, consumer litigation, unfair competition, appellate work, private post-secondary schools and colleges, and intellectual property. He has extensive experience with restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, attachments, and other prejudgment relief.

The cases handled by Jeffery include a wide variety of industries and subjects, including representing municipalities in the Executive Life Insurance Company insolvency, trying a major securities class action before the Delaware Chancery Court, suing the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and State of Texas in federal court for violations of the First Amendment on behalf of a private collegem Texas County Judge, and School Superintendent, foreign distribution and retail disputes, defense and prosecution of class actions, insurance and financial services claims, toxic torts, product liability claims, technology disputes, antitrust cases, and practicing before the California Supreme Court and other state and federal appellate courts.

While Jeffery is a United States trained lawyer, he has close working relationships with lawyers throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. This permits him to assemble international legal teams for innovative global solutions to business transactions and disputes. He regularly handles cross-border disputes and transactions.

Leadership in international and local organizations is part of Jeffery's daily life. In the State Bar of California, Jeffery is the Immedite Past Chair of the State Bar of California International Law Section (Chair, 2012-2013), its Vice Chair (2011-2012), a member of its Executive Committee (2009-2013) and Chair of its Programs Committee (2009-2011). He was previously an Advisor to the State Bar of California International Law Section Executive Committee (2008-2009). Jeffery is also a member of the State Bar's Social Media Task Force (2011-). Jeffery is also Chair of the International Affairs Committee of the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (2011-).

Jeffery was the Chair of the International Law Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (2007-2009) and is a member of its Executive Committee. Jeffery has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (2010-2014, 2008-2009). The Los Angeles County Bar awarded Jeffery with the prestigious Matthew S. Rae, Jr., Outstanding Section Leader Award in 2009. He was also the Co-Chair of the 2007 Symposium on International Arbitration and Litigation Strategies. Jeffery also was Chair of the Los Angeles County Bar's Social Media & Community Outreach Committee.

Jeffery is an internationally recognized speaker and writer on international law issues. He is the Executive Editor of the 560 page handbookInternational Intellectual Property Law Basics (2008), which was written by him and 53 other international lawyers from around the world on intellectual property law for more than thirty countries and the European Union. He is also an Associate Editor of the handbook International Corporate Structures, which provides a country by country guide for more than thirty countries and the European Union. His publications include "Obtaining Strategic Injunctions Against Infringers Of U.S. Patents" and the chapter "Licensing and Regulation of Insurance Adjusters" in the Matthew-Bender treatise, California Insurance Law. He regularly makes presentations on many different international issues, including recent programs on international arbitration and international litigation strategies, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and international arbitration awards, the Convention on the International Sale of Goods, structuring international transactions, and avoiding cultural mishaps, family law across borders, and international trade legal considerations.

Jeffery has been appointed by two different Mayors of the City of Los Angeles as a City Commissioner and been approved each time by the Los Angeles City Council. He is currently the Chairperson of the City of Los Angeles Rent Adjustment Commission, which is responsible for adopting policies, rules and regulations pertaining to the City's Rent Stabilization Ordinance and is the Appeals Board for the City of Los Angeles Housing amd Community Investment Department. Jeffery has served as a City Commissioner since 2003. Jeffery was also appointed in December 2013 by the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles to the City's Municipal Election Reform Commission. Jeffery also holds and has held various leadership positions in other nonprofit organizations and political organizations.