Dr. Gerhard Brandstätter

Name: Dr. Gerhard Brandstätter

Firm: Brandstätter – Rechtsanwaltssozietät Milan

Tel.: +39 0471 97 1858
Fax: +39 0471 97 5779
E-mail: info@brandstaetter.it
Website: http://www.brandstaetter.it


Dr. Gerhard Brandstätter studied law at the University of Florence and, after five years of professional experience at home and abroad, including
three years with the firm of Professor Salvatore Pescatore in Rome, in 1982 joins the firm founded by his father, Dr. Josef Brandstätter.
He passes the state auditors’ examination and serves on the supervisory boards of several companies.
He serves as chairman of the Investitionsbank Trentino Südtirol for several years.
He is currently honorary consul of the Federal Republic of Germany for the region of Trentino-South Tyrol and chairman of the
Südtiroler Sparkasse foundation.