Dr. Florian Schell

Name: Dr. Florian Schell

Firm: Schleifenbaum & Adler Rechtsanwälte Notare Fachanwälte

Tel.: +49 271 232 7034
Fax: +49 271 2 1759
E-mail: florian.schell@schleifenbaum-adler.de
Website: http://www.schleifenbaum-adler.de


Studied at the Universities of Bielefeld, Trier; Orléans (France) and Münster
2001 joined the law firm
Doctorate, title of dissertation: »Anspruch auf polizeiliches Einschreiten oder Angriffe gegen eine polizeiliche Einheit« (»Claim to police intervention or attacks against a police unit«)
Specialist Lawyer in Administrative Law
Specialist Lawyer in Building and Architecture Law

In his administrative practice Dr. Florian Schell especially counsels companies on all matters concerning approval and the planning procedures under public law, e.g. in the field of wind energy. In particular, Dr. Florian Schell has extensive experience in cases involving international law with an emphasis on international contracting. He has extensive experience abroad in this field and an excellent command of languages. Dr. Schell is a member of the German-French Lawyers’ Association, the Federal Association for Public Law and the Siegen Bar Association.