Dr. Astrid Dorfmeister

Name: Dr. Astrid Dorfmeister

Firm: Dorfmeister & Partners - Legal & Tax

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E-mail: consulting@astriddorfmeister.com
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Managing Partner

Born in Switzerland to an Austrian father and a Spanish mother, she grew up and was educated in a multicultural environment.

Lawyer. Consolidated experience in legal and commercial consultancy services for international enterprise.

She provides legal consultancy services for businesses based on the commercial purpose of each project.

After working as the Secretary General of the Official Chamber of Commerce in Germany, which depended directly on the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Trade, she has specialised in legal and commercial consultancy services for international businesses investing in Spain and Latin America. She has accompanied many entrepreneurs on their investment projects.

She has worked with the Cuban market for 15 years; she is familiar with its synergies and collaborates with the country's best professionals.

Through her firm, she is a member of various international lawyer associations. This gives her direct, immediate contact with the best professionals for her customers in different countries across the world.

  • Graduate in Law. Universidad Complutense. Madrid. 1991.
  • Master of Laws (MLE - Magister Legum Europae). Hanover University, Germany. 1992
  • Doctor of Law. Hanover University, Germany. 2004.
  • Diploma in Exterior Trade. Chamber of Commerce of Madrid. 2001.