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Anke Brauns
Managing Director


Managing Director

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    In today`s world, global businesses and individuals need lawyers who can advise quickly and cost effectively and when appropriate work with other lawyers across the world, whom they know and trust. CONSULEGIS firms are independent, top-rated, and mostly, but not exclusively, medium sized - in the context of the country and jurisdiction in which they are situated. Our network allows professional law firms all around the world to work together on the highest professional level in a daily growing global economy.

    My goal is to have member firms who represent all business and areas of major international economic significance and who are able to provide legal and profession service of the highest quality. CONSULEGIS accepts both law firms and in-house lawyers who have excellent reputation and qualifications in their local jurisdiction. Members are internationally oriented and serve their clients` interests and needs around the world, providing the most innovative and successful solutions for their clients. Success in the global economy requires expertise and an in-depth knowledge of local conditions.

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