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    Interested in CONSULEGIS?

    We encourage applications from independent lawyers and business law firms, as well as in-house lawyers. Applicant firms are generally of medium to large size (according to local standards), enjoy good contacts in their own business and political environment, and have established a working policy based on quality, reliability and the strongest ethical rules.

    How to become a member:

    Step 1

    Send an email or letter to the CONSULEGIS office, indicating your interest and the reasons why you want to become a member.
    You should include information about your law firm or legal department.

    Step 2

    CONSULEGIS will acknowledge receipt of the email/letter and confirm details on the admittance procedure, background information and the membership criteria.

    Step 3

    You will then be asked to formally apply for membership and to complete a confidential questionnaire, which provides information for the CONSULEGIS Advisory Board to consider. This information is only used for the purpose of assessing your application for CONSULEGIS membership. The questionnaire will form the basis of the decision making process when the Advisory Board vote on whether you or your firm should become a CONSULEGIS member. If you have been referred to us by another CONSULEGIS member, we will also take a reference from them.

    Step 4

    An important element in this procedure is a visit to one of the bi-annual conferences. This will enable you to carry out your own “due diligence” as part of your decision making process. As a prospective member you will have the opportunity at the conference to present yourself or your law firm in a 5-10 minutes speech or presentation. The general concept of the presentation is to allow you the opportunity to introduce your firm, the number of lawyers at your firm, the areas of specialization and the nature and extent of the domestic and cross border business your firm does. You may also want to capture the benefits that you believe you or your firm will bring to the CONSULEGIS network as a result of your membership and in return, why you believe that you or your firm will benefit from membership in CONSULEGIS.

    Step 5

    The Advisory Board will discuss and decide on your admittance as member. The Board has to approve the application by unanimous vote. Normally there are three Board meetings per year. The Board is not obliged to give reasons for a negative decision although they may choose to do so.

    Step 6

    New members will be officially presented to the CONSULEGIS Membership during one of the bi-annual conferences.

    Step 7

    Payments of admission fees and the (pro rata) membership fees are due immediately following approval.

    We will keep in regular contact with you throughout the application process.

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