Exchange Program

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions – as well as questions related to work – concerning the cultural and culinary differences between your CONSULEGIS colleagues? Do they really have the best cheesecake in New York City? Does Munich have the best beer in the world? Does Osaka have the best sushi? The online world gets closer every day – and CONSULEGIS staff are also getting closer in the real world and getting to know each other. The differences, the things they have in common, the same ideas and the resulting new challenges.

More and more often they are interested in gaining new experiences abroad for a short period of time, not only in the world of work, but in their private lives as well, and discovering the world for themselves and viewing it from a different perspective. What could be easier than getting in touch with a CONSULEGIS firm abroad? In order to simplify the process, there is the CONSULEGIS Lawyer’s Exchange Programme.

The programme is not about strict rules and regulations governing how an exchange should be arranged, instead it is about firms who are interested in taking on a colleague for a specific period of time (this period can be defined individually in each case from a few days to several weeks) and giving colleagues who would like to pack their bags a shared platform “to find themselves”.

The aim should be to work in the host firm and not only experience the legal differences up close, but the cultural peculiarities and similarities as well, while at the same time looking after their own clients. Just not from their own desk.

If you and your firm are interested in hosting a CONSULEGIS lawyer, there are just a few small details to note:
– A workstation should be provided
– Internet access and telephone
– If necessary, assistance in the search for accommodation

Exchange lawyer:
– If the hosting firm is unable to provide you with your own PC, it would be helpful if you had your own laptop
– Access to your own company server/files, so that they are available for your own clients while you are located at the host firm
– Visa + flight
– Accommodation: Hostels, Airbnb, etc.

Both parties can gain a better understanding of each other`s working culture. The exchange lawyer improves his linguistic abilities and gets to know the hosting member’s office, facilities and also colleagues who don’t usually attend conferences, both parties can exchange legal knowledge and practices and technical know-how. They can also use the time to work on or get involved in projects, including CONSULEGIS projects.

Objective: Networking, getting to know each other, professional exchange, improve language skills…and of course fun!

Costs: The costs of the flight and accommodation will be borne by the exchange lawyer.

Timeframe: Depends on what you want and need. The timeframe can and should be agreed on an individual basis by the hosting firm and the lawyer.

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