• Name: Dr. Henrich Schleifenbaum

    Firm: Schleifenbaum & Adler Rechtsanwälte Notare Fachanwälte

    Term: 04/24/2015 - 04/30/2019

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    Studied at the Universities of Tübingen, Berlin (FU) and Munich (LMU)
    Doctorate, title of dissertation: »Allgemeine Grundsätze des Verwaltungsrechts« (»General Principles of Administrative Law«)
    1969 joined the law firm founded in 1929 by his father Rudolf Schleifenbaum
    Notary Public since 1972
    Specialist lawyer in tax law
    Lecturer at the University of Siegen

    Dr. Henrich Schleifenbaum is a member of supervisory boards and advisory boards of reputed companies and is a member of the Board of trustees at a number of important non-profit organisations. Dr. Schleifenbaum has been a member of the advisory board of CONSULEGIS EWIV since it was founded. He served as its Vice Chairman from 1990 to 2003 and has been ombudsman of this organization since 2003. He is member of the Siegen Bar Association and several professional associations, particularly notary publics’ and tax lawyers’ associations.

    Dr. Schleifenbaum has published several articles on employment rights, business law, tax and administrative law.

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