Your Cohesiveness


Rather than looking and aiming at a uniform member and company profile, CONSULEGIS is proud to have a multitude of different legal models and business concepts within its membership and throughout the world. This diversity is considered to be a unique strength, especially in comparison with the big multinational law firms who are obliged to work within a uniform concept. Multinational law firms quite often lack the necessary local access.Our member firms have, without exception, several years of successful business experience and are therefore best suited to comply with local and regional requirements. Our members “speak the local language”.

CONSULEGIS requires cohesiveness of quality and in respect of the professional services offered by its members to clients. We are working on an international quality standard which should positively distinguish our network from other networks.

Furthermore, CONSULEGIS offers a network of friends for friends. Members know each other, both on a personal, and a business level. To promote this concept, CONSULEGIS organises bi-annual international conferences where members meet, exchange ideas and establish business contacts. These conferences play an important role in our goal of maintaining a cohesive network.


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