Our Values



CONSULEGIS is an international network of highly professional independent law firms. The network comprises over 1.700 lawyers spread across more than 45 countries and 150 cities.


Mutual trust and friendship are two of the network’s key attributes. CONSULEGIS prides itself on the close relations that member firms have with one another, making it a truly relationship-based personal network.


CONSULEGIS is a professional network, with its head office in Munich and managed by a full-time Managing Director. The management of CONSULEGIS is supervised by an Advisory Board comprising nine elected members, which also appoints an Ombudsman. Member firms of the CONSULEGIS network are assessed, before entry, on the basis of proven reputation, integrity and independence. All members work to the highest standards of professional conduct. The management of CONSULEGIS, the members of the Advisory Board and the member firms also adhere to a Code of Conduct, which includes a corporate social responsibility statement and a diversity policy, and which forms an integral part of CONSULEGIS’ values.


As well as covering all major fields of law, CONSULEGIS has several well developed and devoted Regional and Specialist Groups.

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