Our Competence

It is the sum of elements which distinguish CONSULEGIS from other networks.

• CONSULEGIS is a strong international network with a worldwide presence, with members belonging to the upper quartile of all law firm.

• CONSULEGIS is very much a network built on personal relationships. There are other, mostly smaller groupings with the same advantage, but they fail to offer our size.

• Our members are carefully selected law firms and in-house lawyers with a proven business record. Unlike other, mostly larger associations, CONSULEGIS only admits firms with a proven reputation and the declared willingness to actively commit to the network.

• CONSULEGIS is professionally managed; a service which only larger networks can offer.

• There are specific areas of professional interest within the association and consequently Specialist Groups have been formed whereby current thinking, ideas and knowledge is discussed and exchanged specific topics. The groups usually meet twice a year and stay in regular contact during the year. The opportunity to exchange legal know-how and ideas, promotes regional expertise and members to identify individual competence and thus builds the confidence necessary to work together, develop and refer client work across the world. This is an essential part of the CONSULEGIS impressive success story.

Our areas of competence include the following:

Specialist Groups:

• Corporate and Tax
• Intellectual Property, Entertainment Law and IT
• Labour and Employment
• Litigation and Arbitration
• Public Regulation
• Sports

Regional Groups:

• Asia
• Europe
• Latin America
• North America
• – and we are still growing to offer the best regional service and support to our members and clients.

Business Generation:

Within our Business Generation Workshops, we discuss and implement initiatives relating to the following topics:

• How to develop our business
• How to strengthen our brand and awareness internally and externally
• How to generate international referrals

In-house lawyers:

Besides the independent lawyers and law firms, we also encourage participation from our network of in-house lawyers from all over the world. In-house lawyers are individuals, who do not work on private practice (i.e. in a law firm) but for a larger commercial company or heading law departments in global corporations: their membership is purely “ad personam”.

CONSULEGIS in-house lawyers promote business contacts between their company and the CONSULEGIS members and member firms and exchange ideas and information regarding their sector and client requirements.


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