We are connecting the world of business.

  • Our Background.

    CONSULEGIS is an international network of quality independent law firms and related professional advisors offering a dedicated and accessible service to businesses and individuals, who are seeking advice, guidance and opportunities across international and cultural boundaries. We promote the building of strong relationships, referrals and networking opportunities.

    Established in 1990 in Hamburg/Germany as a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG), CONSULEGIS is growing constantly and has now expanded into the rest of Europe and beyond, including the US, Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe. The network has grown from a small base of less than a dozen members to a premier association, which comprises more than 1.700 lawyers in over 45 countries and 150 cities - and we are still growing.

    In today`s world, global businesses and individuals need lawyers who can advise quickly and cost effectively and when appropriate work with other lawyers across the world, whom they know and trust. CONSULEGIS firms are independent, top-rated, and mostly, but not exclusively, medium sized - in the context of the country and jurisdiction in which they are situated. Our network allows professional law firms all around the world to work together on the highest professional level in a daily growing global economy.

    Our goal is to have member firms who represent all business and areas of major international economic significance and who are able to provide legal and profession service of the highest quality.

    CONSULEGIS accepts both law firms and in-house lawyers who have excellent reputation and qualifications in their local jurisdiction. Members are internationally oriented and serve their clients` interests and needs around the world, providing the most innovative and successful solutions for their clients. Success in the global economy requires expertise and an in depth knowledge of local conditions.

  • Our Values.

    Global | Personal | Professional | Extensive

  • Global

    CONSULEGIS is an international network of highly professional independent law firms. The network comprises of over 1700 lawyers spread across 42 countries and more than 150 cities.

  • Personal

    Mutual trust and friendship are two of the network’s key attributes. CONSULEGIS prides itself on the close relations that member firms have with one another, making it truly relationship-based personal network.
  • Professional

    CONSULEGIS is a fully-managed and governed professional network. There is a head office located in Munich which is managed by the network’s full-time Managing Director.
    CONSULEGIS is governed by a 9 member Advisory Board.
    Member firms of the CONSULEGIS network are assessed, before entry, on the basis of proven reputation, integrity and independence. All members adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.
  • Extensive

    As well as covering all major fields of law, CONSULEGIS has several well developed and devoted specialist groups in the following areas:

    • Aerospace
    • Business Generation
    • Corporate and Tax Group
    • Intellectual Property / Entertainment & IT
    • Labour and Employment Law
    • Litigation and Arbitration
    • Real Estate
    • Sports Law
  • The main objective

    Increase capacity of members to generate new business and client referrals.
  • The key to change

    Dynamic member participation and interaction and systematic inclusion of the Consulegis offer in standard client proposals of each member firm.
  • The catalyst

    Relevant content, individual opportunities to interact, expanded and enhanced geographical cover, need for operational multi-jurisdictional teams to complete service offer in global legal services market.
  • The growth target

    The objective is to grow, in order to generate the necessary dynamism, business flow, subject always to compliance with criteria of quality, geographical cover and capacity to generate business for other members.

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