Business Development

Specialist group - Business Development

Business Development  for CONSULEGIS comprises a number of tasks, projects and processes aimed at developing and implementing growth opportunities, activities and practices for member law firms within the CONSULEGIS network, and externally by implementation of marketing, communications, programs, webinars and other tools to develop business from clients or potential clients, institutional entities such as banks and insurance companies, corporate general counsel, chambers of commerce and other business and public organizations. CONSULEGIS Business development programs and tools are designed  to help Members to strengthen their business relationships.

Through CONSULEGIS Business Development sessions, ideas, needs, concepts and information are sought and obtained from members,and then used to develop the foregoing action plans, guidelines and tools which are then implemented to accomplish the overall objective of CONSULEGIS and its members - The Development  of More Business.

Who is who: Specialist group - Business Development

Name: Newman Michael R.

Firm: Daar & Newman

Position: Chair

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Name: Hernández Gómez Fernando

Firm: VAHG Vázquez Aldana, Hernández Gómez & Associates

Position: Vice chair

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Name: Hütte Martin

Firm: HütteLAW AG

Position: Secretary

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